I never realized just how bad my social anxiety was till tonight. Mostly, I would just attribute a lot of my “quirks” to my personality, but I really don’t know how to act in a lot of social situations. I am more than just awkward at times.

Tonight I was close to a panic attack when I was being grilled with questions by my friends, and I shut down. This happens to me a lot, but tonight I realized, once my friends saw me shut down, they looked at me like I was crazy. It really hurt, because the person I thought would be most understanding of this, sincerely called me stupid while I was trying to explain this to them. This person told another person how “stupid” I was being and made me feel even more like a freak. 

If a person can not relate to my situation, or does not understand it, fine, but don’t call me stupid just because you don’t understand my anxiety. I’ve never made you feel the way you made me feel tonight.

2 years ago on 1/23/2012
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